knife knife
The burnishing of the amber cosmos is exposed, forcing your awakening.
You don't know why you're there, you don't understand the shapeless shapes and playful colors you witness with confusion;
the mellow aroma of rosemary and thyme that lingers over the Orphic tundra soothes your restless mind.
In the distance, his eyes locate beings that observe him diligently through his alabaster eyes that seem to proliferate the light fog
that spreads through the environment, something tells him that it would be very hebetic to approach them. The Listener struggles to his feet, feeling an uneasy numbness in his lower body,
nothing that can stop his mind's gnawing urge to explore the fantasy environment.
A chill spreads through your core, you feel uncomfortable about something. That, you need to understand that.
She is the answer, always has been; and you need to know it.